COIR EXPORTERS INDIA TAMILNADU CHENNAI -The term ‘coir’ can sometimes be confusing to potential users, as it can actually describe in a very general way, several derived material types from the Cocos Nucifera’s Coconut Husk.  Coir can describe a number of basic materials, all of which are a material component deriving from the naked coconut husk.  These are further processed by Cocogreen and marketed as Coir or Coco Peat Products.

Coir Pith is the most widely used and common material.  The coir pith forms the basis of the majority of our products and its exact description is further described below under ‘The Origins of Coir‘.

Coconut Chips in their simplest form are cut pieces of the naked coconut husks, with a variety of particle sizes (see Materials), contibuting to a more or less open structure to the medium (higher or lower air content and freer drainage).  Cocogreen Screen and grade several options for particle size, see Materials for more information on each type of particle.

Coir Fibers are the coarse long fibrous part of the coconut husk.  These are separated from the coir pith and used for the manufacture of coir fibre products such as door mats and hanging baskets.  The fibers are typically long, but can be mechanically cut shorter.