Basmati rice Exporters India

Rice: is an excellent source of energy and it is rich in Carbohydrates and Protein, which are essentially required for brain performance, physical activity, bodily functions and growth. When compared…

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  • Basmati rice Exporters India

    Basmati rice Exporters India – Rice is mainly grown in warmer regions as the plants will not grow at temperatures below 10°C. Rice is considered to be a semi-aquatic annual grass and is commonly grown in paddies in wetlands or under shallow water. Several new methods of propagating rice have been developed which allow rice to be cultivated in less conventional areas e.g. drought resistant varieties are grown in upland areas.

    Rice is propagated directly from seed and sown on wet or dry seed beds or used to grow transplants in a nursery bed. Transplants produced in a nursery are always planted in dry seed beds when they are transferred to the field. Seeds may be sown in the field by broadcasting or by mechanical drilling

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