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Gooseberries are small, round to oval berries of European origin. They grow in the wild all over the temperate climates of Europe, North America, and Siberia. Botanically, they related very…

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    Gooseberry Exporters India – Gooseberry (Ribes spp.) is a small spiny bush in the family Rosaceae which is grown for its edible fruit of the same name. The gooseberry bush is a spiny shrub with deeply lobed, dark green leaves and produce bell shaped flowers and green/yellow to red berries approximately 1 inch long containg many tiny seeds.

    If managed properly, gooseberry bushes can be very long lived, growing to 0.9–3.0 m (3–10 ft) tall and up to 1.8 m (6 ft) wide and producing a crop of fruit each spring. The gooseberry has been derived mainly from two species,

    the European gooseberry Ribes grossularia, native to North Africa, and the American gooseberry (Ribes hirtellum), native to Northeast and central US and parts of Canada. The American gooseberry tends to be smaller than the species grown in Europe, with weeping stems that will rot easily if they are allowed to be in contact with the ground.

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